Folinic acid, calcium salt pentahydrate, blassgelbes Pulver

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Folinic acid, calcium salt pentahydrate, blassgelbes Pulver
Folinic acid, calcium salt pentahydrate

Folinic acid calcium salt, pentahydrate offsets the effects of folic acid antagonists that act by binding dihydrofolate reductase and blocking the conversion of folic acid to tetrahydrofolate.

In medicine, calcium folinate is used after treatment with methotrexate to reduce the toxicity of the methotrexate. Calcium folinate is also used to enhance the cytotoxic effect of 5-fluorouracil in the treatment of cancer.

Intermediate product of the metabolism of folic acid; the active form into which that acid is converted in the body, ascorbic acid being a necessary factor in the conversion process.

Freely soluble in water (100 mg/mL-clear to slightly hazy solution); almost insoluble in ethanol, alcohol.

Formel: C₂₀H₃₁CaN₇O₁₂
MDL: MFCD00149465
CAS-Nummer: 6035-45-6


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