Protamine sulphate, weißes Pulver

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Protamine sulphate, weißes Pulver
Protamine sulphate

Protamine sulphate is a purified mixture of simple protein principles obtained from the sperm or testes of suitable species of fish, which has the property of neutralizing heparin. Because of having much basic amino acids (mostly arginine) protamine contains far greater nitrogen than other proteins. Its molecular weight is relatively small. Histone and other basic proteins in the testes of unmatured fishes convert into protamine along with the growth of the fishes. In the testes protamine takes the form of nucleoprotamine linked with DNA.

Protamine Sulphate is a raw material for lab to study preparations like insulin compounds, etc. It is used in separation and refining of vaccines. It is a reagents for removing nucleic acids from enzyme solution for the purpose of easy separation and refining. Protamine in the form of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) promoted transfection with plasmid DNA more efficiently and with less cytotoxicity than comparable SLNs composed of Esterquat-1.

Protamine facilitates direct transfection of microbial cells, and of human cells using cationic liposomes. Protamine effectively neutralizes the anticoagulation effects of heparin.

Freely soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in cold water; soluble in 0.1 M KH2PO4; Soluble in HCl. practically insoluble in organic solvents. It is stable under the normal temperature and light, and does not solidify by heat.

USP/NF Activity: Each mg of protamine sulphate, calculated on the dried basis, neutralises not less than 80 USP units of heparin activity derived from lung tissue or not less than 100 USP units of heparin activity derived from intestinal mucosa.

Bitte beachten Research Use Only (RUO).

Lagertemperatur: Raumtemperatur
MDL: MFCD00132091
CAS-Nummer: 9009-65-8


Spezifikation Testergebnisse

Identity Test Passes
Source Salmon Sperm
Loss on Drying ≤5%
Sulphate 16 - 22%
Nitrogen 22,5 - 25,5%
Specific Activity ≥100 USP µ/mg

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