DNA clean up kits, GeneClean® Turbo Kits

Lieferant: MP Biomedicals
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DNA clean up kits, GeneClean® Turbo Kits
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
GeneClean® Turbo Kit is used for purification of DNA fragments of sizes 0,1 kb to 300 kb from TAE or TBE buffered agarose gels, PCR reactions and other enzymatic solutions. Purified DNA can be used in enzymatic reactions, conventional or automated sequencing, cloning and microarray analysis.

GeneClean® technology simplifies the process of purifying DNA into three easy steps: Bind, Wash, and Elute. Ethanol precipitation is never required, and purified DNA is immediately ready for a wide variety of downstream applications.

Lieferumfang: Kit contains GeneClean® Turbo Salt Solution, GeneClean® Turbo Wash Concentrate, GeneClean® Turbo Cartridges, GeneClean® Turbo Catch Tubes, GeneClean® Turbo Elution Solution, and GeneClean® Turbo GNomic Salt Solution.

Bitte beachten For research purposes only.

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