Fast RNA™ spin kit for microbes

Lieferant: MP Biomedicals
ICNA116020050EA 434 EUR
Fast RNA™ spin kit for microbes
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
The FastRNA™ SPIN Kit for Microbes quickly and efficiently isolates high-quality, total RNA from tough-to-lyse bacterial cell cultures and other microbial sources in approximately 15 minutes using a zirconium silicate Lysing Matrix (0,1 mm) to lyse bacteria and SPIN columns for the purification process.

The FastRNA™ SPIN Kit isolates both large and small RNA species without the use of phenol or reducing agents. Small RNAs (eg. tRNAs, microRNAs) can be recovered following a simple adjustment within the RNA isolation protocol. RNA (~5 µg) isolated from 10¹ to 10⁵ cells can be eluted into volumes as little as 6 µl in less than 15 minutes. High quality total RNA (A260/A280 >1,8, A260/A230 >1,8) is recovered. RNA is eluted with RNase-free water and can be stored at –70 °C. The addition of RNase inhibitors is optional, but highly recommended for prolonged storage.

For research purposes only.

Lieferumfang: Kit contains Lysing Matrix B (0,1 mm zirconium silicate), 50×2 ml tubes; FastRNA™ Lysis Buffer, 50 ml; FastRNA™ Prep Buffer, 25 ml; FastRNA™ Wash Buffer, 12 ml; Water (DNase/RNase-free), 1 ml; FastRNA™ Spin Column 1, 50 each; FastRNA™ Spin Column 2, 50 each; and Collection Tubes (2 ml), 100 each.

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