HPLC columns, ZORBAX® Eclipse Plus

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL959951-902EA 808 EUR
HEWL959951-902 HEWL959741-918 HEWL959994-302 HEWL959996-918 HEWL959741-912 HEWL959764-906 HEWL959933-902 HEWL959961-918 HEWL959941-306 HEWL959993-906 HEWL959764-902 HEWL959941-302 HEWL959993-902 HEWL959733-906 HEWL959943-918 HEWL959746-902 HEWL959793-906 HEWL959733-902 HEWL959964-918 554-1423 HEWL959793-902 554-1422 HEWL959946-906 554-1425 HEWL959996-902 554-1424 HEWL959933-906 554-1421 HEWL959996-906 554-1420 554-1419 HEWL959993-918 HEWL959963-912 HEWL959963-918 HEWL959701-906 HEWL959731-902 HEWL959701-902 HEWL959731-906 HEWL959964-306 554-1434 554-1433 554-1436 554-1435 554-1430 HEWL959964-302 554-1432 554-1431 HEWL959931-918 HEWL959963-902 HEWL959946-902 HEWL959963-906 HEWL959963-302 HEWL959963-306 HEWL959741-906 HEWL959701-918 HEWL959990-918 HEWL959931-902 HEWL959990-318 HEWL959931-906 HEWL959741-902 HEWL959764-918 554-1438 554-1437 HEWL959961-906 HEWL959930-902 HEWL959961-902 HEWL959961-302
HPLC columns, ZORBAX® Eclipse Plus
Eclipse Plus columns are recommended for initial method development from pH 2 to 9 and provide high resolution and excellent peak shape of all types of compounds.

  • High level of performance (peak shape, efficiency, resolution and lifetime) with all sample types: acids, bases and neutrals
  • Superior reproducibility with more rigorous QA/QC testing
  • Improved, patented silica manufacturing with start-to-finish product control

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