Microplate readers, Gemini™ XPS

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Microplate readers, Gemini™ XPS
The Gemini™ XPS microplate spectrofluorometer provides a flexible environment to determine the optimal excitation and emission settings for most fluorescent intensity assays. The top reading Gemini™ XPS reader has dual monochromators that allow users to utilise new and novel dyes without purchasing expensive filter sets.

  • Read a variety of sample formats from 6- to 384-well microplates in endpoint, kinetic, spectral scan, and well scan modes
  • Eliminate the need for identifying, purchasing, and changing out filters for wavelength optimization with dual monochromators for excitation and emission wavelength selection between 250 and 850 nm
  • Up to 4 wavelength pairs can be read for endpoint and kinetic measurements
  • Well scanning to report a fluorescent measurement from a single point in the centre of a microplate well to multiple points across a tissue culture well
  • Thorough mixing of samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature
  • Automate seamlessly with the StakMax® microplate handling stacker (available separately)

The Gemini™ XPS reader uses two scanning monochromators to determine the optimal excitation and emission settings. Assays vary depending on temperature or pH conditions; the monochromators allow users to select the optimal wavelength for any assay. When methods or fluorophores change, it takes only a few software commands to adjust the reader.

Lieferumfang: Supplied with SoftMax® Pro data acquistion and analysis software.

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