HisPur™ Cobalt agarose spin kits for antibody purification, Pierce™

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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HisPur™ Cobalt agarose spin kits for antibody purification, Pierce™
Protein-Aufbereitungs Protein Purification Kits
Pierce™ HisPur™ Cobalt Purification Kit is designed for the efficient purification of recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins from bacterial, mammalian and baculovirus-infected cells.

  • Obtain <10 mg of pure His-tagged protein per ml of resin
  • Resin can be reused several times or discarded after single use
  • Cobalt-chelate coordination core binds fewer host protein contaminants
  • Purify proteins under native or denaturing conditions

His-tagged proteins are purified from total soluble protein extract using a cobalt-charged tetradentate chelator immobilised onto 6% crosslinked agarose. Many immobilised metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resins contain nickel (Ni²⁺) for purifying His-tagged proteins. Although Ni²⁺ chelate resins achieve high protein yields, purity is often sub-optimal, requiring additional clean-up steps. Cobalt achieves both high yield and purity with minimal optimisation. The HisPur™ Cobalt Resin binds fewer non specific proteins, displays less metal leaching and enables less stringent elution conditions compared to Ni²⁺ resins.

Lieferumfang: Complete kit contains HisPur™ Cobalt spin columns, pre-formulated Equilibration/Wash and Elution Buffers, collection tubes and tip plugs. Resin and spin columns are also available separately.

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