Affinity purification kits, NAb™ Spin kits for antibody purification, Pierce™

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Affinity purification kits, NAb™ Spin kits for antibody purification, Pierce™
Protein-Aufbereitungs Protein Purification Kits
The Pierce™ NAb™ Spin Kits are convenient for rapid, small-scale affinity purification of antibodies from a variety of sample types. Each pre-filled microcentrifuge spin column of the immobilised protein resin enables quick purification of 100 to 1000 µg of IgG from 25 to 500 µl of serum or other sample. The actual amount of IgG purified varies depending upon the sample type and the specific spin column used.

  • Resin support is crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B), the most popular resin for protein affinity purification methods
  • Superior manufacturing method immobilises by charge-free, leach-resistant covalent bonds, resulting in low non specific binding and enabling multiple uses without decline in yield

Proteins A and G bind to many of the same species and subclasses of IgG, although they have particular differences in affinity and binding capacity. Protein A is generally preferred for affinity purification of rabbit, pig, dog and cat IgG. Protein G has better binding capacity for a broader range of mouse and human IgG subclasses (IgG1, IgG2, etc.). Protein A/G is a recombinant fusion protein that includes the IgG-binding domains of both Protein A and Protein G. Therefore, Protein A/G is ideal for binding the broadest range of IgG subclasses from rabbit, mouse, human and other mammalian samples.

Protein L binds to certain immunoglobulin kappa light chains. Because kappa light chains occur in members of all immunoglobulin classes (i.e., IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD), Protein L can purify these different classes of antibody. However, only those antibodies within each class that possess the appropriate kappa light chains will bind. Generally, empirical testing is required to determine if Protein L is effective for purifying a particular antibody.

Lieferumfang: Each NAb™ Spin Kit, 0,2 ml contains spin columns (10), microcentrifuge tubes, 2 ml (80), Binding Buffer (50 ml), IgG Elution Buffer (1 pack, 500 ml) and Neutralisation Buffer (12 ml). Spin columns also available separately. Each NAb™ Spin Kit, 1 ml, contains spin columns (2), Binding Buffer (1 pack, 500 ml), IgG Elution Buffer (240 ml) and Neutralisation Buffer (12 ml).

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