Cold traps, with vacuum flanges, Type KF NW

Lieferant: KGW-Isotherm
KGWA17410-NW16EA 1040 EUR
Cold traps, with vacuum flanges, Type KF NW
Made from borosilicate glass 3.3, in compliance with DIN/ISO 3585.

  • Reliable, perfect version, easy to clean and handle
  • No stand material for holding the cold trap
  • Protective casing of Dewar flask made of blue coated metal or aluminum
  • Pressure-free cooling sphere inside the Dewar flask

Two section cold trap is a special design available in both standard and long version. It has a conical ground joint NS 45/40 as connection part. The condensation area can be separated from the upper section of cold trap. Therefore it is easy to pour out the condensate and to clean the whole cold trap.

The connection part NS 45/40 is secured by a spring clamp out of steel. Glass vacuum flanges can able to connect to the cold trap directly to the metal flanges of a high vacuum pump.

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