Flaschen zur Wasserprobenahme, enghalsig, mit Schraubkappe, Cubitainer®

Lieferant: Thermo Scientific
EPSC314-1000EA 135 EUR
EPSC314-1000 EPSC114-0025 EPSC114-0005 EPSC114-0001 EPSC114-1000 EPSC314-0001 EPSC314-0025 EPSC314-0005
Flaschen zur Wasserprobenahme, enghalsig, mit Schraubkappe, Cubitainer®
Flaschen Flaschen zur Wasserprobenahme
Cubitainers™ are designed for the efficient storage and transport. Recommended for collecting water samples and other low viscosity liquids to be analysed for inorganic trace analytes.

  • Light weight and space-efficient solution for remote locations where motorised vehicle transportation options are limited
  • Collapsible when empty for efficient storage and transport, or for efficient packing into small spaces like back packs for remote sampling expeditions
  • Unprocessed container comes assembled and ready for own cleaning procedure
  • With white LDPE-lined PP cap (assembled)

Certified containers meet or exceed EPA performance-based standards for metals, cyanide and fluoride. It includes in the case and barcoded with lot number for traceability, unattached analysis labels.

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