Sample bottles, narrow neck, Boston type

Lieferant: EP Scientific
EPSC319-0125EA 232 EUR
EPSC319-0125 EPSC319-1000
Sample bottles, narrow neck, Boston type
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HDPE container with white LDPE-lined polypropylene cap.

  • Narrow mouth for precision pouring
  • Caps assembled onto containers
  • Certified to meet or exceed EPA performance-based standards for metals, cyanide and fluoride
  • Certificate of Analysis (CofA) included in the case and barcoded with lot number for traceability
  • Each container individually barcoded with lot number and unique container number
  • Analysis labels included unattached for optional use
  • Carton sealed with security tape providing tamper evidence

Recommended for collecting water samples and other low viscosity liquids to be analysed for inorganic trace analytes.

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