Bulk media for ion exchange chromatography columns, PL-SAX

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PL1451-2102 PL1451-2103 PL1451-2702 PL1451-2703 PL1451-4102 PL1451-4103 PL1451-4702 PL1451-4703 PL1451-6102 PL1451-6103 PL1451-6702 PL1451-6703
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VARIPL1451-2102 VARIPL1451-2103 VARIPL1451-2702 VARIPL1451-2703 VARIPL1451-4102 VARIPL1451-4103 VARIPL1451-4702 VARIPL1451-4703 VARIPL1451-6102 VARIPL1451-6103 VARIPL1451-6702 VARIPL1451-6703
Bulk media for ion exchange chromatography columns, PL-SAX
Chromatographie-Sorbentien HPLC-Sorbentien
The PL-SAX media are well suited for anion exchange HPLC separations of proteins, peptides, and deprotected synthetic oligonucleotides. Denaturing conditions of temperature, organic solvent, and high pH levels are used for the oligonucleotide separations.

  • The strong anion exchange functionality ensures exceptional chemical and thermal stability
  • Excellent chromatographic performance through small particle sizes
  • Suitable for purification to conserve biological activity in proteins

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