Capillary columns, DB-5ms Ultra Inert

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL121-5523UIEA 659 EUR
HEWL121-5523UI HEWL121-5523UILTM HEWL121-5522UILTM HEWLG3900-63005 HEWL122-5552UI HEWL121-5522UI HEWL221-5522UILTM HEWL165-6626 HEWL122-5562UI HEWL122-5512UILTM
Capillary columns, DB-5ms Ultra Inert
Recommended columns for semivolatiles, halogenated compounds, pesticides, herbicides, drugs of abuse, amines, unknown sample screening.

5% Phenyl 95% dimethyl arylene siloxane

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