Infrared loop steriliser, SteriMax

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Infrared loop steriliser, SteriMax
Sterilisatoren Ösen-Sterilisatoren
Infrared loop sterilisers provide annealing without the risks of flames. The SteriMax electrical sterilisation system is ideal for sterilising inoculation loops, needles or instruments, for use in laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of gases or open flames is not permitted.

  • SteriMax has a stainless steel design with 7 angular adjustments
  • Residual heat display
  • Tray for 3 instruments
  • Long-lasting double tube system
  • Sterilisation period of just 5 to 7 seconds
  • Self-locking angular adjustment
  • Available in two sizes

The double tube system, which is made of robust quartz glass and wear-resistant ceramic, reaches its optimal temperature of 900 °C (1650 °F) within a few minutes. To sterilise the inoculation loop, simply insert it into the ceramic annealing tube. After 5 to 7 seconds, the inoculation loop is sterilised*. There is an integral rear spray protector for increased safety when handling pathogenic material. Even clogging is not an issue. The ceramic annealing tube can easily be removed for in-depth cleaning. A 100% stainless steel design ensures the SteriMax is resistant to even the most extreme laboratory conditions.

The sterilisation tube can be locked into place, using the specially designed angular adjusting device. The low, stable housing facilitates ergonomic operation; the unique design protects the work surface from contamination. Exceptional passive safety feature: After prolonged use, when residual heat can build up on the surface of the sterilisation tube, a hot surface warning is shown to protect the user from burns.

Bitte beachten * Tested with inoculation loops, (WART6.000.373)

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