Dropper tips, WHEATON®

Lieferant: DWK Life Sciences
215-4150EA 41.4 EUR
215-4150 WHEA242426 WHEA242423 215-4153 WHEA242436 WHEAW242432-A WHEAW242406-A WHEA242438 WHEA242408 WHEAW242407-A WHEA242425 WHEA242416 WHEA242418 WHEAW242420-A WHEA242410 WHEAW242416-A WHEAW242431-A WHEA242412 WHEAW242405-A WHEA242430 WHEA242403 WHEAW242413-A WHEA242427 WHEAW242414-A WHEA242431 WHEA242415 WHEAW242408-A WHEAW242433-A 215-4151 WHEA242437 WHEAW242412-A WHEA242422 215-4152 WHEAW242402-A WHEA242401 WHEA242424 WHEA242417 WHEAW242410-A WHEA242433 WHEAW242431-01-A WHEA242428 WHEA242402 WHEA242414 WHEAW242411-A WHEAW242440-A WHEAW242418-A WHEA242411 WHEAW242437-A WHEAW242436-A WHEA242406 WHEA242432 WHEA242407 WHEAW242438-A WHEAW242404-A WHEA242404 WHEA242440 WHEA242420 WHEA242405 WHEAW242403-A WHEA242413 WHEA242434 WHEAW242401-A WHEAW242415-A WHEAW242411-01-A WHEA242421 WHEAW242434-A WHEAW242401-01-A
Dropper tips, WHEATON®
Verschlüsse Tropfverschlüsse
LDPE, coloured.

  • Extended controlled dropper tips
  • Dispense one drop at a time
  • Average drop size is 44 ±6 μl

Bestellinformation: Tips available in different colours and packaged in case of 100 or 1000.

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