Protease inhibitor set

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Protease inhibitor set
Zellkultur-Ergänzungen und -Zusätze
Protease inhibitor set contains 12 ready to use individual protease inhibitors, each at a 100X concentration. Various concentrations and/or combinations of protease inhibitors may be used to inhibit a broad spectrum of protease activity. The Protease inhibitor set can be used to design specific protease inhibitor cocktails, supplement existing cocktails or to screen for specific protease classes.

Lieferumfang: Set includes each of the following individual protease inhibitors: AEBSF, ALLN, Antipain dihydrochloride, Aprotinin, Bestatin, Chymostatin, E-64, EDTA-Na₂, Leupeptin, Pepstatin, Phosphoramidon, and PMSF. Individual proteases are also available as dry powders.

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