Optimizer Buffer™ for optimal cross-linking and modification

Lieferant: G-Biosciences
BKC-08EA 203 EUR
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Optimizer Buffer™ for optimal cross-linking and modification
Puffer Biologische Puffer
These six reaction-specific buffers provide the optimal conditions for protein labelling, modification and cross reaction:
Optimizer Buffer™-I is for amine reactive groups
Optimizer Buffer™-II has a high pH and is designed for the sulfhydryl reactive groups
Optimizer Buffer™-III is designed for sulfhydryl reactive groups
Optimizer Buffer™-IV is designed for carboxyl reactive reagents
Optimizer Buffer™-V is a modified acetate buffer that is specific for carbohydrate reactive groups
Optimizer Buffer™-VI is an alkaline buffer specific for the formation of Schiff’s base between amines and glyoxal groups

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