Protein desalting and buffer exchange columns, SpinOUT™

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Protein desalting and buffer exchange columns, SpinOUT™
Protein-Aufbereitungs Protein Purification Kits
The SpinOUT™ GT-100, GT-600 and GT-1200 columns are versatile, spin format columns for the desalting and buffer exchange of protein solutions ranging from 5 µl through to 4 ml sample volumes. The SpinOUT™ columns are available in three MWCO sizes for >700, >6000 or >30 000 dalton proteins and are suitable for samples containing as little as 20 µg protein/ml.

The SpinOUT™ columns are simply to use as the protein sample is applied and then centrifuged to recover protein, with the column retaining >95% of the salts and small molecules (<100 Da for GT-100, <1000 Da for GT-600 and <1500 for GT-1200). Spin-OUT™ GT-100 is for the purification of peptides and proteins >700 Da. Spin-OUT™ GT-600 is for the purification of proteins >6 kDa and nucleic acids larger than 10 bp. Spin-OUT™ GT-1200 is for the purification of proteins > 30 kDa and removal of molecules >1500 Da. The columns are ideal for separating proteins from peptides.

The SpinOUT™ PCR columns are spin format desalting columns that have the ability to remove salts, radioisotopes, dyes, primers and deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) for nucleic acids following PCR. Two sizes are available to remove contaminating products. PCR-20 removes contaminating products from PCR products, including <20 bp primers, dNTPs and salts. PCR-32 removes PCR products from <32 bp primers, dNTPs and salts.

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