Dissolved oxygen sensors, TriOxmatic®

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Dissolved oxygen sensors, TriOxmatic®
Elektroden Sauerstoff-Elektroden
TriOxmatic® 700 (min. flow rate 0,05 m/s)
- Rugged DO sensor with a very durable 50 μm thick hydrophobic membrane
- Minimal flow rate of 0,5 cm/sec and medium response time of less than 180 sec
- Ideally suited for any DO measurement in biological purification stages of municipal waste water treatment plants (e.g. control of the oxygenation)
- Slower response of the sensor has an 'integrating' effect which prevents signal disturbances due to rising air bubbles, thus eliminating false readings and providing improved stability
- Ideal for measurements in aeration tanks

TriOxmatic® 690 (min. flow rate 0,05 m/s)
- DO sensor with the same specifications and features as TriOxmatic® 700, but without the sensor monitoring function
- Primarily designed for conventional DO measurements, where a continuous membrane check is not needed; e.g. general applications in water quality analysis

TriOxmatic® 701 (min. flow rate 0,23 m/s)
- Equipped with a special 25 micron thick membrane for enhanced resolution and a faster response time
- Ideally suited to monitor reaction processes with low level DO concentrations; e.g. measurement of residual oxygen in the denitrification of biological sewage treatment

TriOxmatic® 702 (min. flow rate 0,3 m/s)
- Providing similar performance data as TriOxmatic® 701
- Specifically designed for trace level measurements in the ppb range
- Ideally suited for use in ultrapure water applications; e.g. monitoring of boiler feed water or drinking water purification

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