Protective hand creams, Baktolan® Protect

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Protective hand creams, Baktolan® Protect
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The silicone-free water-in-oil-based Baktolan® Protect supports the natural protective functions of healthy skin. The natural active ingredient beeswax protects and cares for the skin without forming an unwanted greasy film. It is a prophylactic protection and an expedient supplement to protective gloves. It provides cracked and rough skin with the required care.

  • Protects against water soluble substances
  • Effective protection in case of frequent contact with solvents, bases, soaps, acids, and aldehyde-based surface disinfectants
  • Preservatives- and silicone-free

Suitable for all areas where systematic skin protection against aqueous solution is necessary. Ideal for daily use in clinics, primary health care, chemical, pharmaceutical , food processing areas, utility departments, or cleaning services.

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