Capillary columns, HayeSep Q

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG3591-70006EA 304 EUR
HEWLG3591-70006 HEWLG3591-82023 HEWLG3591-81020 HEWLG3591-81002 HEWLG3591-82004 HEWLG3591-80019 HEWLG3591-81004 HEWLG3591-80047 HEWLG3591-80002 HEWLG3591-70011 HEWLG3591-82121 HEWLG3591-70007 HEWLG3591-80121 HEWLG3591-80004 HEWLG3591-82033 HEWLG3591-70005 HEWLG3591-81023 HEWLG3591-81047 HEWLG3591-82159 HEWLG3591-80033 HEWLG3591-80023 HEWLG3591-81019 HEWLG3591-81121 HEWLG3591-80020 HEWLG3591-81033 HEWLG3591-82002 HEWLG3591-82020
Capillary columns, HayeSep Q
Packed GC columns are designed and manufactured to offer excellent and reproducible performance for all sample types associated with packed column separations, most important in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

  • Highly efficient and rigorous packing technology assures column-to-column reproducibility and ultimate efficiency
  • UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing allows for improved inertness and peak shape performance

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