Capillary columns, MolSieve 5Å

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG3591-80077EA 166 EUR
HEWLG3591-80077 HEWLG3591-81090 HEWLG3591-80065 HEWLG3591-81149 HEWLG3591-80103 HEWLG3591-70003 HEWLG3591-70002 HEWLG3591-81075 HEWLG3591-80107 HEWLG3591-80022 HEWLG3591-70013 HEWLG3591-82104 HEWLG3591-80075 HEWLG3591-81104 HEWLG3591-81103 HEWLG3591-80064 HEWLG3591-81046 HEWLG3591-80074 HEWLG3591-81061 HEWLG3591-80104 HEWLG3591-81062 HEWLG3591-70004 HEWLG3591-82022 HEWLG3591-80046 HEWLG3591-70008 HEWLG3591-82035 HEWLG3591-80062 HEWLG3591-80035 HEWLG3591-82017 HEWLG3591-80090 HEWLG3591-81065 HEWLG3591-81022 HEWLG3591-80017 HEWLG3591-80061 HEWLG3591-81035 HEWLG3591-81017 HEWLG3591-81074 HEWLG3591-81056 HEWLG3591-80056 HEWLG3591-81077 HEWLG3591-81064 HEWLG3591-82064
Capillary columns, MolSieve 5Å
These MolSieve 5Å columns have wide range of tubing materials including stainless steel, ultimetal and nickel plus hundreds of stationary phases, packings, and supports to suit many specific application.

  • UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing allows for improved inertness and peak shape performance
  • Rigorous, highly efficient packing technology ensures column-to-column reproducibility

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