Capillary columns, Porapak Q

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG3591-70001EA 277 EUR
HEWLG3591-70001 HEWLG3591-82053 HEWLG3591-82051 HEWLG3591-80052 HEWLG3591-80096 HEWLG3591-81083 HEWLG3591-80051 HEWLG3591-82096 HEWLG3591-70018 HEWLG3591-80157 HEWLG3591-80135 HEWLG3591-80013 HEWLG3591-82136 HEWLG3591-80137 HEWLG3591-80016 HEWLG3591-82016 HEWLG3591-80136 HEWLG3591-82137 HEWLG3591-82013 HEWLG3591-82135 HEWLG3591-80053 HEWLG3591-81066 HEWLG3591-70014 HEWLG3591-70010 HEWLG3591-81052 HEWLG3591-80083 HEWLG3591-81096 HEWLG3591-81053 HEWLG3591-81051 HEWLG3591-70009 HEWLG3591-81137 HEWLG3591-81016 HEWLG3591-81157 HEWLG3591-81135 HEWLG3591-81136 HEWLG3591-81013 HEWLG3591-80066
Capillary columns, Porapak Q
These Porapak Q columns have wide range of tubing materials including stainless steel, ultimetal and nickel plus hundreds of stationary phases, packings, and supports to suit many specific application.

  • UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing allows for improved inertness and peak shape performance
  • Rigorous, highly efficient packing technology ensures column-to-column reproducibility

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