Microplates, high content imaging glass bottom, Corning®

Lieferant: Corning

Corning® BioCoat™ Corning®
BDAA4582EA 483.08 EUR
BDAA4582 732-2493 BDAA4584 BDAA4586
Microplates, high content imaging glass bottom, Corning®
Mikrotiterplatten HTS-Mikrotiterplatten
High optical quality glass bottom, black microplates are ideal for performing high content cell based assays using imaging systems. The glass bottom provides a flat and optically clear surface that reduces autofocus time, increases throughput and is ideal for cell growth.

  • High optical quality and scratch-resistant glass
  • Glass bottom thickness of 200 µm is well suited for imaging microscopy
  • Well bottom flatness <50 µm to ensure planarity for imaging devices
  • Low background fluorescence and minimal crosstalk to provide the highest possible optical quality for cell based assays
  • Half area 96 well microplate reduces reagent consumption
  • 384 well microplate geometry eliminates reagent loss due to 'wicking'

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