Ultrasonic baths, digital, Bransonic®

Lieferant: BRANSON
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Ultrasonic baths, digital, Bransonic®
CPX ultrasonic baths feature digital controls with power tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads, high/low power control, degassing and sleep mode.

  • Plastic body, chemical-resistant
  • Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank
  • 40 kHz rugged industrial transducers
  • 99-min digital timer with continuous ultrasonic operation
  • Controls are located above and behind the cleaning tank in an easily accessible control tower panel, and raised above the tank to avoid damage from cleaning solutions
  • When cleaning delicate parts, these units allow the user to lower the amplitude of the acoustic energy in the bath: 100% power to the tank for normal applications, 70% power for delicate applications

CPXH is the most versatile system available with programmable features, digital operation with power tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads, high/low power control and degassing.

* Same features than the CPX models
* Entirely programmable: Once the process is entered into the controller, the end user only has to start the program and is free to leave the unit
* Can be heated up to 69 °C/156,2 °F and set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Last stored parameters are recalled when unit is turned back on
* High-temp safety alarm indicator for protection from unit overheating
* Temperature calibration is user accessible through front panel

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