Low volume polarimeter tubes

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Low volume polarimeter tubes
Low volume, short length, stainless steel and glass loaded PTFE tubes with low strain cover glasses and rubber washer for use with ADP 400 Series polarimeters or similar makes working in the visible spectrum. Sample may be injected using a Luer taper syringe or for automated flow-through systems, connected via suitable flexible tubing.

  • Standard 30 mm collar size (ICUMSA)
  • Stainless steel versions are available with a water jacket facilitating temperature controlled measurement using a waterbath
  • PTFE versions for aggressive samples

The design of sample flow removes air bubbles and negates the need to remove cover glasses between each sample. For temperature controlled measurement, water-jacketed versions are available and a temperature sensor clip is available providing a mechanical connection to ADP polarimeter external temperature probes.

Bestellinformation: For other available spare parts, contact your Avantor representative.

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