Superbouillon Pulver für die Biotechnologie

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Superbouillon Pulver für die Biotechnologie
Medien für die Mikrobiologie Trockennährböden für die Mikrobiologie
Superbroth powder is rich medium used for obtaining high yields of lambda phage in liquid lysates.

Formulation: Tryptone (32 g/l), yeast extract (20 g/l), sodium chloride (five g/l)
Final pH (± 0.2; 25 °C): 7,2

Superbroth medium contains high levels of tryptone and yeast extract, which provide essential nutrients and growth factors to support high density growth of E. coli. The superbroth formulation also contains sodium chloride to help maintain an isotonic environment during the bacterial growth phase.

Mix 995 ml purified water with five ml of one N sodium hydroxide. Suspend 57 g of superbroth powder in one L of the water/sodium hydroxide solution. Allow the powder to dissolve with gentle stirring and heating, if necessary. Autoclave for 15 m at 15 psi and 121 °C.

Store superbroth powder at room temperature (18 to 26 °C). Store prepared medium cold (2 to 8 °C).

Bitte beachten Note: Alternatively, medium may be sterile-filtered. Allow the solution to cool to 50 °C or below before adding supplemental components and antibiotics.

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