Protein fractionation kit, FOCUS™ Glycoprotein

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Protein fractionation kit, FOCUS™ Glycoprotein
Protein-Extraktion Protein Extraction Kits
FOCUS™ Glycoprotein kit is based on lectin binding of specific glycoproteins with terminal α-D mannosyl and α-D glycosyl proteins.

  • Spin column protocol
  • Uses a high capacity lectin binding resin (10 - 16mg/ml resin)
  • Elution of glycoproteins within 90 minutes with a set of three rapid elution buffers

FOCUS™ Glycoprotein kit isolates glycoproteins from complex biological solutions using spin columns that contain lectin (Concanavalin A) bound resin with the capacity to bind and immobilize ~20 mg glycoproteins. Column bound glycoproteins are eluted with a set of three rapid elution buffers. The proprietary serial elution allows for faster elution compared to other glycoprotein purification systems. The eluted proteins are suitable for 2D electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing.

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