Protein quantitation assay kits, CB-X™ Protein assay

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Protein quantitation assay kits, CB-X™ Protein assay
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CB-X™ Protein Assay is supplied with lot specific CB-X™ Tables. These allow researchers to perform single protein clean ups, subsequent assays and then look up their absorbance in the CB-X™ Table to find the protein concentration. The CB-X™ Table eliminates the need for multiple protein standards and saves considerable time and effort. The CB-X™ Table is prepared with a complex protein mixture that compares well with proteins from mammalian, plant, bacteria and yeast sources. A set of bovine serum albumin standards are supplied for generating curves when using CB-X™ Assay Dye alone or for researchers who prefer to generate their own standard curve or to generate their own CB-X™ Table for their specific conditions.

The CB-X™ Protein Assay is reliable over the range of 0,5 to 50 μg per assay. Suitable for 500 protein assays and enough clean up reagents for 250 clean ups.

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