Mortars without pestles, porcelain

Lieferant: Bohemia Cristal (Kavalierglass)
KAVA641331211321EA 80.5 EUR
KAVA641331211321 KAVA641331211101 KAVA641331211100 KAVA641331211221 KAVA641331211001 KAVA641331211121 KAVA641331211000 410-9206 410-9205 410-9204 KAVA641331211111 KAVA641331211110 410-9196 KAVA641331211801 KAVA641331211800 KAVA641331211701 KAVA641331211601 KAVA641331211700 KAVA641331211600 KAVA641331211501 KAVA641331211500 KAVA641331211401 KAVA641331211301 KAVA641331211400 KAVA641331211201
Mortars without pestles, porcelain
Mörser und Pistille Mörser
Choice of glazed or unglazed porcelain mortars.

Bestellinformation: Pestle must be ordered separately.

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