Precast gels, DIGE Gel

Lieferant: Cytiva
28-9374-51EA 572 EUR
Precast gels, DIGE Gel
Elektrophorese-Gele Fertiggele
DIGE gel is a 12,5% precast polyacrylamide gel in a low fluorescent glass cassette for second dimension 2-D electrophoresis and specially developed for 2-D DIGE analysis. DIGE gel and DIGE buffer kit are tools to increase the quality, reproducibility, and convenience of 2-D DIGE using Ettan™ DIGE system.

  • Ready to use products with a long shelf-life that saves you time by eliminating the need to make buffers, cast gels, and wash glass plates
  • Provides high sensitivity and high resolution protein spot maps of equal quality compared to homecast polyacrylamide gels
  • Runs with DIGE buffer kit result in spot maps with higher reproducibility compared to homecast polyacrylamide gels

Lieferumfang: Please be aware that this product may be shipped 30 days before the expiry date. For more information about batch specific expiry dates please contact Avantor technical service.

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