Ion exchange chromatography media, Capto™ Q ImpRes

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Ion exchange chromatography media, Capto™ Q ImpRes
Protein-Aufbereitungs Protein Purification Resins
Capto™ Q ImpRes is a strong anion exchange bioprocess medium, designed to meet the demands of modern large-scale manufacturers for fast, efficient, and cost-effective intermediate and polishing protein purification.

  • High-resolution intermediate purification and polishing based on the well-established Capto™ platform with traditional ligands
  • Flexible process design due to large operational window of flow rates and bed heights
  • High-throughput purifications easy to optimize and scale up
  • Higher manufacturing productivity enables improved process economy
  • Security of supply and comprehensive regulatory support

Capto™ Q ImpRes is a strong anion exchanger for the high-throughput intermediate purification and polishing steps of a wide range of biomolecules. This chromatography media is part of an expanded high-resolution platform based on the high-flow agarose Capto™ product line.

By combining the high-flow characteristics of Capto™ media with a small particle size, Capto™ Q ImpRes delivers excellent pressure-flow properties with impressive resolution. The ability to run at higher flow rates and higher bed heights also increases flexibility in process design.

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