Size exclusion chromatography columns, ProSEC 300S

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1147-6501EA 2149 EUR
VARIPL1147-6501 VARIPL1547-5501 VARIPL1147-1501 VARIPL1547-1501
Size exclusion chromatography columns, ProSEC 300S
The ProSEC 300S column is specifically designed as a single column solution for globular protein analysis. The pore size selection and optimisation provides an extended linear resolving range so that this single column can be used for analysis across the full range of globular proteins.

  • Mechanically robust polymer particles that do not bleed during use
  • Single column with extended linear resolving range
  • Column dimensions for use with multi-detector systems

This gives exceptionally stable baselines making this column an ideal choice for use with light scattering detectors. Two column dimensions, suits multi-detector size exclusionchromatography provide an option for the analysis of small masses.

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