Bördelrandgläschen, N 20

Lieferant: Macherey-Nagel
MANA70204.36EA 27 EUR
MANA70204.36 MANA70254 MANA702540 MANA702086 MANA702020 MANA702263 MANA702261 MANA70206.36 MANA70205.36 MANA70210.36 391-0101 MANA70208.36 MANA70216.36 MANA702918 MANA70215.36 MANA70209.1 MANA702917 MANA702924 MANA702263.2
Bördelrandgläschen, N 20
Diese Bördelrandgläschen mit flachem oder gerundetem Boden sind für zahlreiche Autosampler geeignet.

  • Ausführungen in Braunglas für lichtempfindliche Substanzen
  • Flacher DIN-Rollrand mit stabiler Auflagefläche für das Septum, geeignet für Vials mit hohem Innendruck

Useable for the common GC headspace autosamplers of Agilent, CTC, PerkinElmer (Combi PAL, TurboMatrix HS 16, 40, 110), Shimadzu (AOC-5000, AOC-6000, HS-20, HS-20Trap, HT200H), Thermo Scientific (Combi PAL), Varian (Agilent - Combi PAL, CP9020, CP9025, CP-9060, Genesis) as well as for HPLC and IC autosamplers of Dionex (Thermo Scientific), Knauer, and Thermo Scientific.

Broad range of different crimp caps with mostly assembled septa, stoppers and PE caps are available for the crimp neck vials.

- Center hole caps
- Aluminium pressure release caps with special perforation for burst protection
- Center tear off caps and complete tear off caps
- Bi-metal crimp caps and magnetic crimp caps for autosamplers with magnetic transportation system
- Silicone / PTFE septa (required above 120 °C) and Butyl / PTFE septa in different versions

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