HPLC columns, Hypersil®

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL79916KT-111EA 474 EUR
HEWL79916KT-111 HEWL79916KT-110 HEWL79926BD-344 HEWL79926BD-585 HEWL79926OD-354 HEWL79916KT-113 HEWL79926OB-584 HEWL79926BD-504 HEWL79926OB-564 HEWL7992618-504 HEWL79926BD-582 HEWL79926BD-362 HEWL79926BD-562 HEWL79926BD-363 HEWL7992618-585 HEWL7992618-562 HEWL7982618-584 HEWL79826BD-584 HEWL7982618-564 HEWL7992618-363 HEWL7992618-582 HEWL7992618-362 HEWL79926KT-100 HEWL79916KT-120 HEWL79916KT-121 HEWL79926OD-584 HEWL79926OD-564 HEWL79916KT-123 HEWL79926OB-354 HEWL79926B8-584 HEWL79926B8-564 HEWL79926BD-595 HEWL7992618-595 HEWL79826BD-354
HPLC columns, Hypersil®
The Hypersil BDS is both base deactivated and encapped to improve peak shapes of basic solutes by minimising interaction with unreacted silanols. Hypersil ODS adds a monolayer of octadecyl silane (C18) to the hypersil silica support.

  • Columns are endcapped to reduce silanol interaction
  • For less retension with similiar selectivity, hypersil MOS columns provide a monolayer of dimethyloctylsilane (C8 alkyl chain)

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