Disinfectants, High Level Environmental Disinfectant, Distel

Lieferant: Tristel
Disinfectants, High Level Environmental Disinfectant, Distel
Reinigungsmittel Desinfektionsmittel
Distel High Level Environmental Disinfectant continues the trend of leading edge biosecurity technologies established by Tristel Solutions and represents one of the most significant developments in disinfectant technology in recent times. At the heart of the Distel formula is a carrier system that enables the active molecules in the product to be carried through cell walls of microorganisms. This allows both rapid and effective results, and makes it safer to use than conventional products.

  • Fast acting and effective disinfectant for general enviromental use
  • Products is biodegradable under OECD guidelines
  • Free of phenols
  • Shelf life for unopened concentrate: 3 years; for factory diluted product: 2 years; for customer diluted product: 6 months
  • Active constituents are approved under European Biocidal Products Directive (ref 98/8/EC) and offer REACH compliance

For non medical and non laboratory applications for cleaning and disinfection of environmental areas to reduce risk of cross infection.

Bestellinformation: Distel is available in Citrus and non fragranced formats for general environmental use.

Lieferumfang: TriGene ADVANCE is now being supplied under the new brand name of Distel. Substitute products are identical in every way to those that have been used in the past, only the brand name and packaging will change. The previous name was Trigene Advance Environmental Clear.

Bitte beachten Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use

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