Cation exchange HPLC columns, Bio MAb

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5190-2419EA 1937 EUR
HEWL5190-2419 HEWL5190-2407 HEWL5190-2406 HEWL5190-2412 HEWL5190-2411 HEWL5190-2420 HEWL5190-2405 HEWL5190-2415 HEWL5190-2403 HEWL5190-2414 HEWL5190-2413
Cation exchange HPLC columns, Bio MAb
These HPLC columns feature a unique resin specifically designed for providing higher resolution with smaller particles and charge based separations of monoclonal antibodies.

  • A packing support composed of a rigid, spherical, highly cross-linked polystyrene divinylbenzene (PS/DVB) non-porous bead
  • Particles grafted with a hydrophilic, polymeric layer, virtually eliminating non-specific binding of antibody proteins
  • Particles use a different process to layer the weak cation exchange phase to the particle making it a higher density
  • Its thorough characterisation of monoclonal antibodies includes the identification and monitoring of acidic and basic isoforms

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