Bags, biohazard

Lieferant: Sarstedt

SARS86.1197EA 103 EUR
SARS86.1197 SARS86.1200 SARS86.1203.103 SARS86.1201 SARS86.1198 SARS86.1199 SARS86.1204 SARS86.1202 SARS86.1203
Bags, biohazard
Beutel Entsorgungsbeutel
These disposal bags are ideal for the containment and disposal of contaminated laboratory and hospital consumables. A 50 µm thick polypropylene bag with a durable wide base seam ensures a good resistance to tear and puncturing. However, in view of the inherent risk of injury, sharp or pointed objects must never be placed into the bags.

  • Durable foil material (50 µm) for improved safety
  • Reduced waste volume
  • Suitable for hot steam sterilisation in the autoclave from 121 °C to approx. 134 °C

Bitte beachten For complete sterilisation the disposal bags must always be open during autoclaving.

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