Strong anion exchange HPLC columns, PL-SAX

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Strong anion exchange HPLC columns, PL-SAX
These columns are ideal for the anion exchange HPLC separations of proteins and deprotected synthetic oligonucleotides under denaturing conditions.

  • The strong anion exchange functionality and covalently linked to a chemically stable polymer that extends the operating pH range
  • Wide range of particle sizes for flexible analysis to scale-up purification
  • Small particles deliver excellent chromatographic performance
  • The anion exchange capacity is independent of pH
  • Exceptional stability for long column lifetime

For synthetic oligonucleotides, separations using denaturing conditions of temperature, organic solvent, and high pH are all possible. It delivers improved chromatography for self-complementary or G-rich sequences that may associate to form aggregates or hairpin structures. The 5 µm material provides high efficiency separations of n and n-1 sequences.

A wide range of particle sizes and column geometries permits analysis and scale-up to purification. The strong anion exchange functionality provides a material with exceptional chemical and thermal stability, even with sodium hydroxide eluents, leading to long column lifetime.

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