Mica microhub, Leica®

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Mica microhub, Leica®
Mica - The world's first imaging Microhub. More than a highly automated microscope, Mica unites widefield and confocal imaging in a sample protecting, incubating environment. With the simple push of a button, you have everything you need - all in one place - to supercharge fluorescence imaging workflows and get meaningful scientific results faster.

  • Focus on your science, not figuring out your microscope
  • Access for all
  • No constraints
  • Radically simplified workflows

Intelligent automation - All opto-digital components are fully motorised and intelligently automised. A single button remains on the Microhub - the open button. Everything else is swiftly woven into the workflow of the software. Point scanning confocal - Obtain highest resolution in all 3 dimensions with point scanning confocal including optical sectioning. The pinhole physically blocks out-of-focus light yielding the best axial resolution and is particularly suitable for 3D imaging of thick samples. OneTouch Auto-Illumination - With a click of the OneTouch button, all settings are automatically optimised to match the applicative demands and the current sample. Pick from a scale of 'Sample protection' to 'Image quality' and all illumination and detection parameters are adjusted accordingly.

Mica is an incubator - The entire encapsulated inner sample space can be climate controlled (temperature, CO₂ and humidity regulation) and offers ideal conditions for short and long-term live cell observation. 4 labels simultaneously - Capture all 4 labels of different structures in a single acquisition for widefield or confocal. Simultaneous acquisition of multiple labels boosts the speed of acquisition by up to 4 times. Sample Finder - Mica’s Sample Finder quickly and automatically generates an in-focus overview of the relevant areas. Manually locating the sample and bringing it into focus is now a thing of the past.

4 labels 100% correlated - Simultaneous acquisition of 4 labels overcomes the spatiotemporal mismatch between labels of moving objects during sequential acquisition. The data is now 100% correlated. AI-based analysis - With artificial intelligence Mica recognises objects in the images and enables any researcher to move efficiently, accurately, and confidently from imaging to analysis and beautifully visualised results. No imaging processing skills required. Patented FluoSync technology - FluoSync is a new way to perform spectral unmixing that enables simultaneous imaging on the fly. It allows you to detect up to 4 different labels with true dye separation and no spatiotemporal mismatch. FluoSync uniquely combines dedicated hardware and new hybrid unmixing.

Pixel classifier - Easily train Mica to recognise objects in images without image processing skills. Simply by drawing examples on the image the pixel classifier learns to reproduce the input and segments all objects in the images. Unified imaging modalities - Mica unifies transmitted and fluorescence light imaging modalities such as IMC, THUNDER and LIGHTNING in one Microhub - for both fixated and living specimens.

GUI operated annotations - Train the artificial intelligence with simple-to-use drawing tools right on the image within the Mica GUI.

Standards: DoC CE.

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