Plasmid DNA mini kit, E.Z.N.A.® FastFilter

Lieferant: Omega Bio-Tek
D6944-02EA 390 EUR
D6944-02 OMEGD6944-00 D6944-01
Plasmid DNA mini kit, E.Z.N.A.® FastFilter
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien Reinigungskits und Reagenzien für Nukleinsäure
Isolate plasmid DNA from up to 5 ml culture in 9 minutes utilizing an innovative lysate clearance column.

  • Rapid - 9 Minute Processing time from a bacterial pellet
  • Unique - Lysate Clearance and DNA Binding in 1 step
  • Convenient - Lysate Clearance Column eliminates cellular debris pelleting and transfer step
  • Versatile - Process up to 5 ml bacterial cultures with different plasmid types and culture medias

The E.Z.N.A.® fast filter plasmid DNA mini kit is designed for rapid purification of high-quality plasmid DNA starting with bacterial pellet from up to 5 ml of culture following the alkaline-lysis method in just 9 minutes. The kit features an innovative and first of its kind fast filter mini column nested within a regular HiBind® silica mini spin column to combine lysate clearance and DNA binding into one simple centrifugation step. Following wash and elute steps, purified plasmid DNA is immediately ready for a wide variety of downstream applications such as routine screening, restriction enzyme digestion, transformation, PCR and DNA sequencing.

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