Masterflex® EtherNet/IP™ Single-Use Compatible Drives Powering Quattroflow™ Pumps, Avantor®

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Masterflex® EtherNet/IP™ Single-Use Compatible Drives Powering Quattroflow™ Pumps, Avantor®
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Monitor transfer of delicate biological fluids with EtherNet/IP™ control capability.

  • Choose from readily available single-use or multiple-use Quattroflow™ pump head systems
  • Advanced network and communication models feature EtherNet/IP™
  • Diaphragms enable soft, gentle pumping through the strokes generated by the eccentric shaft
  • No mechanical seal or rotating parts that can fail—only the diaphragm and body come in contact with the fluid
  • Ideal for cross-flow systems, tangential flow filtration (TFF), chromatography, cultures, and more

The Quattroflow™ pump systems, featuring special Masterflex® drives, are designed to safely and reliably pump delicate biologic fluids. The Quattroflow pump heads offer a unique four diaphragm (chamber) design, providing the constant low-pulsation, low-shear pumping needed for your biological fluids. In addition, the quaternary diaphragm design enables risk-free dry-running, self-priming, and a high turn-down ratio. Both the single-use and multiple-use models safely and reliably pump plasma products, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and more.

Single-use pump heads have a disposable wetted chamber constructed of solid polypropylene (PP) that can be replaced as a complete unit. This saves you time and money by eliminating the cleaning validation/sterilization process. Single-use pump heads can be sterilized via autoclave or gamma irradiation. Plus, fluid path integrity is ensured with no chance of cross-batch or cross-product contamination. Multiple-use pump heads ensure total product containment without abrasion and minimal particle creation.

The Masterflex drives feature an intuitive interface, remote control functionality, and a brushless, maintenance-free motor with ±0.1% speed control accuracy. Options for control include 4 to 20 mA or EtherNet/IP™ compatible versions. The graphical LCD shows six different parameters: motor rpm, flow rate, dispense volume, cumulative volume, dispense interval time, and copy number. Dispense by volume or time with a user-defined time interval between cycles. Stainless steel drives have IP54 ratings and are designed for both the QF150 and QF1200 series. The housing and sealed keypad are protected from dust, water, and chemicals.

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