Spectrophotometer cuvettes, NanoCuvette™ One

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Spectrophotometer cuvettes, NanoCuvette™ One
Küvetten Spektralphotometer-Küvetten
Get accurate quantification by upgrading a UV-Vis spectrophotometer with user-friendly cuvettes. The NanoCuvette™ One expands the capabilities of an UV/Vis spectrophotometer to include quantification via refractive index for QC, kinetics, and 0,5 μl sample measurements.

  • Excellent for QC, kinetics, and label-free concentrations of a wide range of samples
  • All major UV/Vis spectrophotometer brands supported seamlessly out of the box
  • Based on semi-disposable PMMA cuvette, and reusable for low-cost measurements
  • Results independent of cleaning, pipetting errors, and transcription mistakes
  • Combined surface refractive index range 1,0 to 1,6 nD and absorbance at 300 to 1100 nm
  • Both 0.5 µl and 2 ml measurements with one product in UV/Vis instruments
  • Each cuvette is marked for traceability and access to online calibration data

Users can now measure low volume 0,5 µl protein samples at low cost in seconds using a conventional spectrophotometer by dispensing a droplet and flattening it on the optical filter of NanoCuvette™ One. This method enables quick undiluted measurements of relevant static parameters with the lowest sample volume of any solution on the market today.

The optical filter inside the cuvette consists of nano-scale photonic crystals with a light guiding measurement principle like Surface Plasmon Resonances (SPR). Both the absorbance spectrum and the refractive index of the sample can be analysed.

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