Vacuum pump, type N 820 G and N 840 G, LABOPORT®

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Vacuum pump, type N 820 G and N 840 G, LABOPORT®
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The N 820 G and N 840 G feature a control knob for manual adjustments of the flow rate, making them well suited to a wide variety of applications. This has integrated rotational speed control, the pumps are quiet, very energy efficient, and can be optimally adjusted in accordance with the application.

  • Flow rate of up to 2,04 m³/h
  • Ultimate vacuum of 6 mbar abs
  • Combination of TFM™ PTFE pump head and PTFE coated diaphragm makes these pumps ideal for working with extremely aggressive/corrosive gases and vapours
  • High level of compatibility with vapour and condensation
  • Integrated gas ballast valve
  • Three colour status display: In operation / Stand-by / Error
  • Expandable: Separators and/or condensers can be purchased and easily fitted
  • ATEX-compliant in accordance with II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 internal atmosphere only
  • 100% oil-free transfer to ensure uncontaminated transfer, evacuation and compression
  • Equipped with an easy to clean surface

Potential applications include rotary evaporation, distillation, gel drying, degassing, use in vacuum ovens and vacuum concentrators.

Pump head material: TFM™ PTFE
Diaphragm material: PTFE coated
Valve material: FFPM

Bestellinformation: When combined with the VC 900 vacuum control unit and a control cable, the rotational speed is controlled in accordance with the requirements of the process. Can also be combined with all common vacuum controllers with valve control.

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