Fuego SCS basic RF

Lieferant: WLD-TEC GmbH
WART8.203.000-RFEA 551 EUR
Fuego SCS basic RF
Heizgeräte Gasbrenner
This model of Fueo series sets new standards in laboratory gas burner with integrated radio technology. Fuego Basic RF with wireless radio foot pedal.

  • Simply safe to operate, SCS safety control system
  • Three different programs are available
  • Flaming with button function
  • Easy to clean - a laboratory gas burner without slots, corners and edges
  • Ignition and flame monitoring and overtemperature protection
  • Excellent energy values ​​reduce gas consumption, passive safety

Suitable for all flame-related applications in the laboratory and also for connection to the fully automatic inoculation loop carousel autoloop Pro. The low housing enables comfortable working; the streamlined design minimizes airflow interference in a clean room workbench.

The removable burner head can even be easily disassembled into its individual components for thorough cleaning. The flame can be precisely regulated with the dual button for gas and air adjustment.

BHC (burner head monitoring) reliably detects burner head contamination from liquids or foreign bodies and also monitors the correct assembly of the burner head.

Standards: Tested in accordance with DIN-DVGW; certificate NG-2211AS0167.

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