PendoTECH® Single-Use Pressure Sensors for Pressure Monitor and Transmitter Systems

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PendoTECH® Single-Use Pressure Sensors for Pressure Monitor and Transmitter Systems
Single-use solution to monitor process pressure.

  • Ideal for applications such as tangential flow filtration, cross flow filtration, depth filtration, bioreactor monitoring, and chromatography
  • Sensors priced for single-use systems, but may be reused

Sensors measure static and dynamic process pressure and are perfect components for disposable systems requiring sterilization, but also minimal downtime. Sensors feature an integral flow sensor with no dead legs and no fluid path obstructions. All pressure sensors are manufactured in a FDA compliant facility, in an ISO Class 8 clean room. Sensors are made from USP Class VI-compliant polycarbonate or caustic-resistant polysulfone. Both materials are gamma stable. Sensors are 100% tested for accuracy and leaks during the manufacturing process. Connect sensor to PressureMAT unit with 12-ft (3.6-m) reusable cable (included). Sensors are designed for use up to a maximum pressure of 5.3 bar. Available in either process–scale or small–scale sizes.

Process-Scale Sensors connect directly as a barbed fitting to the tubing line and are available in 1⁄4", 3⁄8", 1⁄2", 3⁄4", or 1" hose barb or 3/4" or 1" sanitary flange.

Small-Scale Sensors are available with luer connections and may connect directly to the fluid line with luer adapters or indirectly by using a 1⁄4" or 3⁄8" barbed adapter tee. Both connection setups have been tested for accuracy.

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