PendoTECH® Single-Use Pressure Monitoring and Transmitting Systems

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PendoTECH® Single-Use Pressure Monitoring and Transmitting Systems
Single-use solution to monitor process pressure.

  • Ideal for applications such as tangential flow filtration, cross flow filtration, depth filtration, bioreactor monitoring, and chromatography
  • Data output capability to a PC or control system
  • User-configurable Min/Max alarm set points

The PressureMAT combines a pressure monitor, data logger, alarm, and transmitter in one simple control box. Designed for use with single-use, in-line pressure sensors. Each channel takes pressure readings once per second. Process pressure is displayed on the easy-to-read LCD. System is easily calibrated to zero through a single button. The PressureMAT may also transmit output via 4-20 mA signal or can provide RS-232 data transfer for use in common PC applications, such as the PressureMAT Data Acquisition Software or Excel®, through WinWedge or Hyper Terminal software.

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