Brilliant II SYBR® Master mix

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
AGLS600831EA 4399 EUR
AGLS600831 AGLS600828 AGLS600826 AGLS600825 AGLS600834
Brilliant II SYBR® Master mix
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien qPCR/RT-qPCR Enzymes and Kits
Brilliant II SYBR® QPCR and QRT-PCR reagents were developed for improved sensitivity of detection, ensuring reproducible quantification even at low target concentrations.

  • Earlier Ct detection
  • Improved data reproducibility
  • Greater flexibility for use with numerous different templates and targets
  • More accurate quantification results
  • Developed on the Agilent Mx QPCR systems

When compared to other commercially available QPCR reagents, we observe earlier threshold cycle (Ct) detection at high and low template concentrations as well as improved reaction efficiency and replicate reproducibility across the entire range of template concentrations.

Bitte beachten For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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