Amine and carboxyl coated plates, Corning® PureCoat™

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Corning® PureCoat™
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Amine and carboxyl coated plates, Corning® PureCoat™
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PS. Corning® PureCoat™ surfaces are a novel family of chemically-defined, animal-free cell culture surfaces designed to enhance cell performance. A proprietary thin-film coating technology produces a uniform, functionalised surface that provides a highly controlled environment for cell culture applications.

  • Available as amine (positively charged) or carboxyl (negatively charged) surface chemistries
  • Optimised for culture in low serum or no serum conditions
  • Enhanced freeze-thaw recovery of cryopreserved cells
  • Improved differentiation of cells
  • Culture of many cell lines and primary cells supported, including primary neuronal cells and stem cells

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