TLC introductory kit, Micro Set A

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TLC introductory kit, Micro Set A
Lehrmittel Chemie-Lehrmittel Chromatographie-Lehrmittel
An ideal introductory kit for the science education sector. The kit contains all the the chemicals, plates and accessories for students to perform separations of dyes including: anthaquinone dye mixtures, lipophilic dye mixtures and food dye mixtures. The TLC plates are polyester sheet based with either silica, cellulose or alumina as coating.

Lieferumfang: Kit includes 3 developing tanks, 50 glass capillaries (1 µl), 1 spotting guide, 1×10 ml measuring cylinder, 50 sheets 40×80 mm POLYGRAM SIL G/UV₂₅₄, 50 sheets 40×80 mm ALOX N/UV₂₅₄ and 50 sheets 40×80 mm of CEL 300, 3 dye mixtures (8 ml), 3 prepared solvent mixtures (100 ml), 2 felt pens and instruction manual.

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